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Ferrari- The quintessence of Italian engineering

Won’t you agree that a Ferrari is the most perfect machine ever built by a man? Don’t you think that it will be a dream for anyone to drive this perfect car down the perfect roads of LA? What if we make it possible for you? Please meet Exotic Cars Los Angeles. It is the best Ferrari rental service in Los Angeles.

Whether you want to drive down the fast lanes of the racing circuit in LA, drive down the broad boulevards of LA, hop from one sprawling mall to the next or get the most work done on your business trip to LA, a Ferrari would be your perfect companion and a sure head turner. If your lifestyle mantra is-“Work hard. Play hard”, a Ferrari hired from the most trusted Ferrari rental service in LA can help you ease into your routine faster than you think.

Best Value For Ferrari Rental In Los Angeles!

A good, old Ferrari is said to produce the most euphonious sounds, which some say are even better than music and whip up the most destructive storm on a track but those rented from our Los Angeles Ferrari rental service stable can provide life-altering experiences. Our LA Ferrari rental service can help you rediscover the halcyon days of your youth and reignite your passion for life. Do you want to know what our USP is? It is that we don’t sell a service. We sell a complete experience. Our package goes beyond the car.

Primary services

Choose your favorite Ferrari. Ferrari California, a Ferrari 360 Spider, a Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 488 GTB and other models are waiting for you. We will not only top up the car when we hand over the car to you (an exclusive feature of our service!), we also detail the car freshly as per your direction and personalize it as much as possible. It undergoes a thorough mechanical inspection and a full body test. The cars are also insured so that you can drive with a peace of mind!

Wide Selection Of Ferrari’s For Rent In Los Angeles

We offer free concierge services. They can help you concoct a drink in our VIP lounge as well as provide you the basic training of handling a Ferrari, if you haven’t driven around in one before. We can pick you up from your hotel or airport or drop you in one of our cars, if you book the service online.

We also have highly skilled, experienced and professional chauffeurs who can drive you around in LA, if you feel too tired to drive. We have collaborations with a vast number of hotels, restaurants, shopping arcades and spas. Buy a gift certificate and make it a memorable evening for your beloved.

We don’t encourage you to hire our Ferrari rental service on an hourly basis. Rather, book it for the entire period of your choice and pay only for the time and not the distance you have clocked on the odometer or the tripmeter! Our Ferrari rental unlimited miles offer is the most flexible pricing structure in LA and differentiates us from our competitors.

Book a car through our easy to use and fast online reservation system. Live life king size!