Lamborghini Rental Los Angeles

Lamborghini Gallardo los angeles

When you talk out the classiest cars in the planet, you can’t leave out Lamborghini from the discussion. Although strictly speaking not a racing car, Lamborghini has always been at the forefront of speed and technology innovations. A Lamborghini is often viewed as a chick magnate and driving one down the roads of LA has its own perks! Lamborghini is a symbol of success and refined test and will match your uber cool image perfectly!

Lamborghini and Los Angeles is a match made in heaven! The roads of Los Angeles provide the perfect getaway for a romantic or thrilling ride on the Italian sports marquee and you get a chance to experiment with the engine. If you are looking for a Lamborghini rental in Los Angeles, you have come to the right place. Among all the Lamborghini rentals in LA, Exotic Cars Los Angeles is the most trusted name.

Lamborghini Gallardo / Huracan / Aventador Rental In Los Angeles

Why we stand out with our services in the Los Angeles Lamborghini rental market?  

Lamborghini produces a limited number of V12 Aventadors and an even limited number of V10 Hurracans. We have both in our stable! In addition, we also have a number of Gallardos, which are considered by many to be amongst the finest Lamborghinis ever manufactured. They are not only the finest cars, through regular maintenance, we keep them track ready. You don’t drive in our Lamborghini, you fly! But, worry not. The car is 100% accident insured. We will also pass it through a thorough QC before handing the keys to you. We would also personalize the car as per your choice.

150 Free Miles For Any Lamborghini Rental In Los Angeles

We always make it a point to hand over a car with a full gas tank, a feature you won’t find in any other Lamborghini rental service in downtown Los Angeles. We can also deliver a car at an address of your choice free of cost! In addition, we provide a concierge service for our respected clients and a professional chauffeur service too. Our Lamborghini fleet is not only the largest in LA but also the safest among all the LA Lamborghini rental service providers. It’s a treat to behold the entire fleet.

Price quotations

We offer our services at the most competitive rates. There are no hidden or upfront costs. Everything is included in the package. Our premium service can be availed through our online reservation system or you can get in touch with our customer handling executives directly on the phone. When most Lamborghini rental LA charge you for the number of miles you have clocked, we are the only company to provide Lamborghini rental unlimited miles facility.

So, at our Lamborghini rental, you pay on an hourly basis or for the period for which you hire the car. There is no ambiguity or scope for confusion. Drive for 10 miles or 100 miles. You pay the same!

We are not counted amongst the car rental services who fail to deliver what they promise. The cornerstones of our business are trust and customer centricity. What we promise, we deliver.